Ducted Installation

A ducted air conditioner is usually installed in 1 day.

To fit the indoor fan coil inside, it is necessary to remove tiles or tin sheets if the unit is to be installed in the roof space.

It is important to locate the unit in a place that will be discreet and not disturb neighbours.

Noise will not be an issue if the unit isn’t located near other homes as the quality brands listed on this website are very silent.


Ducted Air Conditioning offers the best in heating and cooling. You can set the temperature you prefer in your home and office. You can have different temperatures in different rooms, such as your bedrooms or lounges. This eliminates the need to argue about being too hot/cold. You can feel comfortable in your space.

This system is compatible with the refrigerated air conditioner.

The unit runs on electricity and relies on the refrigerant gas’ ability to transfer heat between places.


The air inside your home is moved through the grills on your roof or floor (depending on how it was installed) and then transferred to a fan coil (1). This fan coil is usually found in your roof space.

When the unit is in cooling mode the outdoor compressor (2) moves cold air from outside to your roof fan coil. The fan coil (1) is heated by the heat from the warm air inside. Heat is then removed and transferred to the outside (3). Cooler air is then drawn back through the ducts ((4)) and into your home.


This process also includes air filtration. Air is sucked through an intake called the return grill, which contains an air filter. To ensure the best performance of the system, this filter must be cleaned regularly. Heating mode reverses the process


The ability to regulate humidity is also available in Refrigerated Air Conditioning The fan coil can remove moisture from the air if it is warm and humid. The water collected is taken outside and poured into a tray.

The same thing happens when you put a chilled glass of water out on a hot day. Soon, water will start to form on the glass’s outside and drip down. Coasters are a must!


Zone motors not just allow you to isolate certain areas in your home, but they also improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems. These motors are located inside the duct. They can be closed or partially closed to reduce airflow. The thermostat, or another convenient place in your house, could be the controller for the zone motors.

There are many types of zone motor controllers.

You can turn a switch on or off as easily as a light switch.

Other systems are possible and can give you complete control over the room’s temperature using either a central touchpad or separate touchpads.

No matter what system you choose, the results can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner as well as lower your running costs


Also, your electrical switchboard and mains need to be evaluated to ensure they can handle the air conditioner. However, older homes might need an upgrade.

A typical cost for a switchboard upgrade is approximately $2500. When a switchboard is installed, electrical regulations require that the mains be upgraded from the street.

This can be done with the electrician and your electrical supplier.

Depending on the size of the unit some units require three-phase power. It is important to clarify this before installing the unit in your home.

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